Meditations on Time

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Wood-based lithographic and woodcut print
Paper size: 480 x 640 mm
Image size: 305 x 450 mm
Variable Edition of 6

This work is sold unframed


Continuing my interest in a Wabi sensibility - the appreciation of transient beauty - this print emerged from experiments with collected autumn leaves. 

During regular park visits with my young son we explored the little worlds thriving in a carpet of gum, elm and stinkwood leaves that confetti-ed the ground along the Liesbeek river during the autumn. Dry leaves tumbled and danced light-footed in the wind while damp leaves languished in rain puddles. Between the motion and the stasis was a metaphor for the effects of time on natural things: for entropy, change and the passage of the ever flowing river. 


This edition is a Variable Edition. As the woodblock substrate deteriorates during the printing process, the ink deposit becomes slightly darker. So early edition numbers tend to be lighter while later edition numbers tend to be darker. 

I will contact you to confirm your preference before shipping.