New Girls on the Block

At the Association of Arts Pretoria

4 March to 27 March 2021
The New Girls on the Block exhibition is the second exhibition of The Printing Girls at the Association of Arts Pretoria.  It features artworks created using various relief printmaking techniques, as well as a display of the original blocks/matrices from which the prints were pulled. This exhibition celebrates the work of 23 Printing Girls, highlighting the diversity of their imagery along with their traditional and/or contemporary ways of handling this ancient technique.
‘The Printing Girls’ is an informal group of South African female artists who work in the specialised medium of printmaking.  Starting with six members in 2016, they have grown to a membership of 35, with more waiting in the wings.  Not only are they a dedicated professional community, but they are also collaborative in nature, offering each other support and technical help with a spirit of generosity.  They are beginning to exhibit widely and are attracting interest on the local art scene.