LANDSCAPE at Spin Street Gallery

LANDSCAPE art exhibition brings together three artists fascinated with the coast to explore the unique environment of the Cape of Storms at Spin Street Gallery from 11 December until 23 December 2021.

The Cape Peninsula juts into the Atlantic Ocean like a fishhook, catching an array of unique biodiversity due to its position at the confluence of the Agulhas and Benguela ocean systems. “Fairest of Capes” or Cabo Tormentoso - the Cape of Storms –is a unique landmass which has manifested a particular mythology and diversity along its slopes.

This unique location is the theme for a forthcoming exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints that opens at Spin Street Gallery on the 11th of December. LANDSCAPE ruminates on the particular ecology of the peninsula through materials and experiences gathered along its shores.

The three participating artists have each expressed a fascination with the experience of the shore – that peculiar interface between ocean and land. Kommetjie-based painter and printmaker, Laurel Holmes, privileges her experience of place in both her artistic materials and well as her themes. She uses charcoal made from dead Protea wood in her drawings and artist books that emphasise the fragility of a human relationship to place. Local Capetonian, Natasha Norman, adopts a poetic, oceanic lexicon in her monotype prints and paintings that developed from a personal experience of coastal living. Visiting artist, Karin Daymond, who lives in landlocked Mpumalanga has expanded her practice around the remembered experience of holiday beach walks at the Cape that initiated a drawing project for thinking through the patterns and forms of the coastal interface.

The artists have found unusual common ground in their individual engagements with the land of the Cape, aptly captured by the playful duality of the exhibition title LANDS(CAPE).

The exhibition opens 11 December at 11:00am with an opening address by Virginia MacKenny, Associate Professor in Painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town. The exhibition closes 23 December 2021. Please contact Robert Mulders at 6 Spin Street Gallery, Cape Town, on 082 746 8734 for more information.