8th International Lithographic Symposium

The Lithographic Academy is hosting the 8th International Symposium 2022 in Tidaholm from the 23rd of July to the 7th of August.

Seminars start 09:00 on Sunday and continue until Friday 29th in Marbodal center on the Vulcanön. Workshops will be at the Vulcanöns Grafiskverkstad beginning 13:00. Exhibits can be visited in three different venues: Rudbecksgymnasiet (B-byggnad) on Vulcanön, the Tidaholm artspace at Turbinhusön, and the Konstlitografiska museet at Helliden castle, where artists from all over the world present their lithographic prints.


View of the exhibition room of prints by The Printing Girls including my print Moon Reflected on a Flowing Stream.